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Ticket Packages:

A Final Five Package includes the Semi-Final and Final draws, plus the last 3 scheduled Draws. Prices are:

$85: Adult
$65: Under 16

To purchase one or more FINAL FIVE Packages, click here.

You can also purchase by visiting or calling the Mariners Centre Box Office (902-742-2155).

For the arena seating plan and instructions on using our web site to purchase a Package, click here.

Skybox Rentals

The Mariners Centre also provides 2 Skyboxes, each seating 12 fans, with
Bar & Canteen amenities included.

Anyone wishing to purchase a Skybox for the event should contact:

Mariners Centre Box Office at:
(902) 742-2155 & press zero to speak to the Office Manager.




Individual Draw Tickets


Pricing below is for advanced sales for each Draw (must be purchased the day before the event).

  Adult U16
Round Robin $12 $9
Championship $16 $12
Medals $21 $16

Day of Draw prices are $2 extra.


Purchase Individual Draw tickets from the table below (click Buy).

  Day Time Ice 1 Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Ice 5
Round Robin Sunday 7:00 pm NL vs YT ON vs NB SK vs QC NO vs BC  
Round Robin Monday 2:30 pm NO vs NU AB vs NL NB vs PE MB vs NT ON vs NS
Round Robin Monday 7:00 pm PE vs AB MB vs QC NS vs YT NU vs SK BC vs NT
Round Robin Tuesday 10:00 am   NT vs NO MB vs NU AB vs ON NL vs NB
Round Robin Tuesday 2:30 pm BC vs MB NS vs PE NT vs SK QC vs NU YT vs AB
Round Robin Tuesday 7:00 pm ON vs PE BC vs SK YT vs NB NS vs NL QC vs NO
Round Robin Wednesday 10:00 am NB vs NS YT vs ON QC vs BC SK vs NO PE vs NL
Round Robin Wednesday 2:30 pm NT vs QC NO vs MB NL vs ON NB vs AB NU vs BC
Round Robin Wednesday 7:00 pm   NU vs NT AB vs NS PE vs YT SK vs MB
Championship Thursday 10:00 am   D2 vs D4   D5 vs D3 D1 vs D6
Championship Thursday 2:30 pm D3 vs D6 C7 vs C1 C2 vs C8 C6 vs C4 C3 vs C5
Championship Thursday 7:00 pm C3 vs C6 C5 vs C4 D2 vs D5 C8 vs C1 C2 vs C7
Championship Friday 10:00 am C5 vs C2 C8 vs C3 C4 vs C7   C1 vs C6
Championship Friday 2:30 pm   D5 vs D1 D1 vs D4 D6 vs D2  
Championship Friday 7:00 pm C4 vs C8 C6 vs C2 C1 vs C5 C7 vs C3 D4 vs D3
Semi-Finals Saturday 10:00 am          
Medal Round Saturday 2:30 pm   Gold     and Bronze   Medal Games